Jazz Team Wins at First Competition

The CDE Jazz Team brought home 1st and High Gold in their division as well as 1st Overall from the MOVE Dance Competition this past weekend in Concord, NC.  Cara Peterson and Jessica Shore also competed in the solo category.  Cara brought home 1st and Platinum in her division as well as 2nd Overall.  Jessica brought home 1st and High Gold in her division as well as 2nd Overall.  We are proud of all of these girls!


Feet on Fire Results from Capital City!

This past weekend FOF traveled to Lexington, SC to compete at the Capital City Clogging Classic.  The girls have been working very hard over the past weeks to get all the routines cleaned and competition ready.  Below are our results.  We could not be more proud of these girls and what they accomplished over the weekend!

Junior Line: 2nd
Senior Line: 1st
Senior Precision: 1st
Elementary Acapella: 2nd
JR/SR Acapella: 2nd
Elementary Hoedown: 3rd
Junior Hoedown: 1st
JR/SR Traditional Line: 2nd
Elementary Exhibition: 1st
FOF Show: 1st

Elementary Exhibition: Grand Champion Team Tiny Tot-Elementary
FOF Show: Overall Junior Team

Taylor Wood: 1st Traditional Solo and 1st Contemporary Solo
Hanna Clay: 1st Choreographed Solo
Rachel Hardin: 3rd Choreographed Solo
Bailey/Kaitlyn Contemporary Duo: 1st
Abby/Abby Traditional Duo: 2nd
Nisha/Kayla Traditional Duo: 1st
Julianna/Molly Show Duo: 1st

Feet on Fire Wins Big at NC State Clogging Challenge

The 2013 NC State Clogging Challenge was a big success for the Feet on Fire clogging teams!

[fancy_header variation=”hotpink”]Team Results:[/fancy_header]

Elementary Hoedown – 2nd Place
Junior Hoedown – 1st Place
Senior Precision – 1st Place and Overall Winner
Junior Line – 2nd Place
Senior Line – 1st Place and Overall Winner
Elementary Acapella – 1st Place
Junior/Senior Acapella – 1st Place and Overall Winner
Elementary Exhibition – 1st Place and Overall Winner
Elementary Traditional Line – 2nd Place
Junior/Senior Traditional Line – 1st Place

[fancy_header variation=”hotpink”]Duo Results:[/fancy_header]

Julianna/Molly Show Duo – 1st Place and Overall Winner
Abby/Abby Traditional Duo – 1st Place
Kayla/Nisha Traditional Duo – 1st Place
Bailey/Kaitlyn Contemporary Duo – 1st Place and Overall Winner

[fancy_header variation=”hotpink”]Solo Results:[/fancy_header]

Jocelynn Reyes Choreographed Solo – 2nd Place
Lydia Oliver Choreographed Solo – 1st Place
Kate Mitchell Choreographed Solo – 1st Place
Hanna Clay Choreographed Solo – 2nd Place
Rachel Hardin Choreographed Solo – 1st Place and Overall Winner
Anna Bennett Acapella Solo (15 and under) – 3rd Place
Monica Smith Acapella Solo (16+) – 3rd Place
Taylor Wood Contemporary Solo (7-9) – 1st Place
Caitlyn Umstead Contemporary Solo (10-12) – 3rd Place
Sierra Clement Contemporary Solo (13-15) – 2nd Place
Bailey Murad Flat Foot Solo (15 and under) – 2nd Place
Eliza Wolfe Traditional Solo (7-9) – 2nd Place
Taylor Wood Traditional Solo (7-9) – 1st Place
Abby Reinhard Traditional Solo (10-12) – 1st Place
Anna Bennett Traditional Solo (13-15) – 2nd Place
Katie Roberts Traditional Solo (13-15) – 3rd Place
Monica Smith Traditional Solo (16-18) – 3rd Place